Jinhaihu Lake is located 85 km northeast of Beijing urban area, with a water area of ​​6.5 square kilometer and is the largest water entertainment complex of the Beijing area, and is now a national AAAA level scenic spot. Jinhaiu is surrounded by mountains in three sides, with dozens of beautiful cultural and natural scenic spots such as Lake Tower, Golden Princess Tomb, Wanghaiting Pillion, and Jagged Cliffs. With its wide waters, Jinhaihu Lake is an ideal place for water entertainment. There are here more than 20 types of entertainment programs such as tour boats, speedboats, self-driving boats, watercraft, Jinhai strop, water flying umbrellas, pedalos, canoeing, beetle sports cars.

  In 1990 the Rowing and canoeing matches of the Eleventh Asian Games were successfully held here, and the Chinese team won 24 medals of the total of 27. And after that, two National Youth Canoeing and Rowing Championships were successfully organized ere. In 2002, Air Prince – Adili broke the world record here. The Jinhaihu Lake is close to Jingdong Grand Canyon, Jingdong Grand Cave, Hudong Water,Shilin Gorge, Shilin Pea, Laoxiangsan Mountain, Pansan Mountain Eastern Qing Tombs and many other scenic spots. With dozens of high, medium and low level hotels and restaurants are sited in the Jinhaihu Lake area, it is an ideal site for recreation, vacation, meeting, sightseeing for Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei people.